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Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage: Which Do You Need?

Are you in need of extra storage space to help organize your home or business? If so, investing in a self storage rental near you could be the right solution. You can choose from indoor and outdoor storage options to secure an affordable and convenient option for storing your precious belongings. Summit Self Storage is your local answer for reliable and expansive storage space in Driggs and Victor, ID. Learn more about which kind of storage unit might be the best choice for your situation!

Indoor storage units in Victor, ID at Summit Self-Storage

Should You Rent an Indoor or Outdoor Storage Unit? Here Is How They Differ

Access to Your Belongings

Outdoor storage units are typically drive-up units, which allow for easy access and loading or unloading directly from your vehicle. This feature is convenient when handling bulky or heavy items. Indoor storage units, on the other hand, are located inside a building and may require navigating through hallways or using elevators or carts to transport items to and from your unit.

Environment Control

Indoor storage units shield your belongings from direct exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. This feature is beneficial for storing sensitive like furniture and clothing that you do not want to risk exposing to excess moisture. Outdoor storage units generally do not offer this environment control and are more susceptible to temperature fluctuations and humidity.


Indoor storage units often provide an added layer of security because they are located inside a building with limited access points. In many cases, indoor storage facilities feature keycard or code access systems, security cameras, and on-site staff. Outdoor storage units also have security measures in place, such as gated access and surveillance cameras. Summit Self Storage staff members monitor the grounds of the facility throughout the day to keep an eye on all areas.

Find Both at Summit Self Storage in Driggs & Victor, ID

Overall, storage units provide an invaluable service to those who need assistance in organization and decluttering their homes. Whether indoor or outdoor units are utilized, the most important factor is being able to easily access the unit with no hassles or complications. Summit Self Storage in Driggs and Victor offers quality indoor and outdoor storage solutions that can simplify the process of storing items while also providing you a secure environment and helpful services on-site. Close to the Idaho-Wyoming state line, Summit Self Storage has three storage facilities that are well-located to serve a wide community in both states. With affordable prices, online storage rentals, and excellent customer support, we strive to offer the best experience for all clients.

For those ready to secure a new storage space, we give you option to handle your rental completely contact-free through our website. With tools like our storage calculator and extensive list of expert self storage tips, you can identify your different storage needs and rent a storage unit that will best protect your belongings.

Take advantage of our available storage units available at Summit Self Storage, and start living your best life with a little extra space. Rent storage units online to start moving into your rental today!

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