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how to pack a storage unit

Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently

If you’ve just rented a storage space and are new to storing, you might be asking yourself where to start. Packing a storage unit may seem like a large task, but don’t worry, Summit Self Storage is here to help. Organized storing is all about efficiency and using the available space to its maximum potential, all while ensuring easy access and the safety of your stored items. Look through our packing strategies and practical tips below to simplify your packing process. Learn how you can pack your storage unit to make the most of your space and investment.

Inside an indoor storage unit at Summit Self-Storage

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Plan the Layout of Your Storage Unit in Advance

Let’s get started with the first step of organizing your storage unit. One smart approach to layout begins with considering the frequency of use of your items. Ask yourself, “Which belongings will I need to access in the next few weeks/months?” These items are your front-row VIPs— they should be placed near the entrance for quick and easy access. On the other hand, the less frequently used items, or valuable ones that need an extra layer of security, should be stowed toward the back corners.

Now, let’s talk about maneuverability. Imagine carving out a central aisle straight through the middle of your unit, such as in the image below. This simple trick ensures you can reach boxes on any wall without a hassle. But remember, effective organization isn’t a last-minute sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s about having a strategy on move-in day to prevent chaos and confusion. So, sketch out your plan. Your future self will thank you!

how to pack a storage unit - leave an aisle for easy access

Stock Up on Quality Packing Supplies

Here’s the great news – at Summit Self Storage, we’ve got your back! We’re not just about providing a place to safely stash your belongings. We’re also here to make sure you’re fully equipped for any storage project. Need boxes? We’ve got them. Packing tape? Check. Locks? Absolutely. And so much more. Just swing by our front office, and you’ll find a range of packing supplies available for purchase. Talk through your storage needs with our experts to get recommendations on which supplies can best help protect your items.

Label Boxes That Have Contents You Cannot See

Label those boxes! Yeah, it may seem like a no-brainer, but trust us, a quick note like “winter clothing” or “car tools” can be an absolute game-changer when you’re in a rush to find something specific and don’t have the time for a full-scale box rummage. If you are taking on a large moving process, you should mark your boxes with the room of the house that those contents belong. This way, when it’s time to unload those boxes, anyone lending a hand will know exactly where in your house to put them.

Keep It Simple with Summit Self Storage

Consider this your go-to guide for packing your storage unit like a pro! Remember, it’s all about being strategic—from working out what goes where, to the art of labeling. With these handy tips, you’re sure to make the most of your storage space, while keeping things accessible and easy to find.

Summit Self Storage has all your storage solutions with indoor and outdoor storage units across three Victor-area storage facilities. Connect with the office closest to you to discuss your situation with storage professionals who can match you with proper sizes and amenities. You can also rent storage right away online!

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